The Academic Groups of Learners

Pre-Schooling Cubs

Some cubs enter school crying, some laughing, some silent and some after mischief! But at RIS they learn to participate and learn the foundational habits that help them navigate this full of energy phase of life with cheerful eyes and smiles. We focus on:

Gross & Fine Motor Skills

We go by "play my way". Kids at this age learn to walk, sit straight, and run along with small muscle activities like writing, cutting, drawing etc. Our curriculum allows them to explore these areas of learning by self-motivation. We ensure all kids wander their imaginations and use them to learn one skill a day!

Language & Expression

Making sense of words and using them to express their feelings is essential at this point. Being away from their primary caretakers, these kids are now in the world independently, and we help them overcome language barriers.


Focus and awareness are two important aspects of identification. We play puzzles, outdoor games, team-building activities and more to help kids focus on their surroundings and identify their course of action.

Social Skills

This is the first time a group of same-age kids are put in a room and fight to steal their caretakers' attention. This is the time for each personality to choose their "friends"; rather than competition, they foster friendlier approaches. We embrace each personality and help them feel connected.

Basic Mathematical Concepts

We lay the foundation of mathematical concepts to activate the neurons that will develop their analytical skills later. We work with visual and audio cues to strengthen memory nerves. Math is now fun and interesting!

Emotion Control

We help our pre-schooling cubs to monitor their emotions. Our teachers are well-trained to handle emotional meltdowns and relax nervous or anxiety-driven kids in the class. Until now, emotional well-being was in the background, but for us, it is basic learning for a fulfilled life.
Senior Cubs

(Primary School)

Our senior cubs are the best version of themselves with the help of an entertaining curriculum and co-curriculum. Parents and teachers collaborate to influence the best behavioural training and learning etiquette. Our study focuses on:

Assuming Responsibility

Being responsible for your actions is one of the crucial lessons. As we grow, we tend to forget it takes a strong heart to take responsibility for our circumstances and turn it into our desired situation. We emphasise that our students learn its importance through daily activities.

Demonstrating Multidisciplinary Learning Abilities

The subject training begins as early as primary school. We help to mitigate overwhelming feelings and devise plans for all types of learners. We mix and play, so students attain important skills for their peers

Evolving Communication Skills

A socially active student community needs a little intervention to start conversations. We begin by helping others and then bring single & multiplayer outdoor games into action. Most of our activities have been testified by big orators and communicationists.

Learning to be a leader and a team player

A leader is the best team player in your team. With this ideology, we help our kids to navigate what part they play in the team. Drama, dance, music, sports, and interclass activities help them understand and excel in their role.

Cognitive intelligence

Based on cognitive psychology, our curriculum is designed to improve critical thinking and learning aptitude. Our students strongly approve of teaching methods involving various goal-oriented activities.
Junior Lions

(Middle School)

These years of schooling are most dreadful for parents as the young minds are at their best moulding capacity. Guidance during this life stage is of utmost importance, and we ensure your child gets the right way to streamline their energies.

Organisational Skills

The time to involve in complex decision-making and interpretation of instructions is now. Our junior lions are well versed with techniques that help them stay organized in thoughts and things.

Time Management

With multiple streams to follow with a limited time of the clock, students are taught methods to manage their time without feeling tired or lagging. We help them master acts to avoid procrastination.

Cultivate Good Habits & Achievable Goals

Being respectful, valuing self-care and attaining short-term and long-term goals count in good habits. These life skills are what one needs to live a 100% efficient life.

Commitment to a Cause

Our sustainable and community-forward approach helps us bring forth many social causes that inspire students to do their bit of community service. This commitment to a cause helps them to stay relevant to society's needs later in life.

Ignite Inquisitivity

To question is to gain insight deeper than what's available on the surface. This quality inspires a scientific approach and leads to tracking base problems that help students develop problem-solving skills.

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