• To stay rooted and determined in providing world-class education and amenities to the young minds.
  • To promote the economic class of the population with better opportunities and strengthen the force of tomorrow.
  • To put Raisina in the golden letters on the global map.


Create a world of academia that helps each conscious mind pursue big dreams. Raisina International School is ready to host ground-breaking ideas with the help of technology, educational framework, and educators from all realms.


We, as an institute, understand our responsibility of bringing up a generation of students who will tomorrow be leaders in their field, and we want to give them an early start with a well-crafted study that ensures to ignite a passion for learning, achieving and celebrating.


Our mission is to unite, educate and work hard to raise the students with empathy, sheer focus, and academic achievements. We intend to stay true to our roots and practice honesty and societal goodwill at all stages of life.


How to enroll your child to Raisina International School? Easy!


Admissions Open for 2024-25

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Campus: Jamadarwadi Road, Jamkhed, Dist. Ahmadnagar – 413201

Admission Office: Near S.P. School, A1 Corner, Jamkhed

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