An Array of

Co-Curricular Education

House of Music

We believe in a culturally rich ecosystem. Our music mentors elevate the platform for students to learn the art of music.

House of Dance

Indian dance forms are rightly entertaining and narrate the stories. Our dance teachers bring the most intricate details to perform these art forms culturally right.

House of Art & Craft

Beauty is what you create. Art & craft exposes students to think creatively and out of the box, which also helps them to apply creativity in other areas of education.

House of Pottery

Pottery classes have helped students to appreciate even sand and clay. These classes are more than just art classes but a great way to stay rooted.

House of Drama

Drama classes at T.S.L.I.S. are quite famous among the young generation. Our teachers collaborate to combine drama techniques to learn history & literature lessons.

House of Debates

One of the major skills for leaders is to excel at debates. Our students get good exposure on the global stage with great mentors and an exciting range of inter-school competitions.

House of STEAM

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) labs are interconnected. To achieve holistic development, we train our kids to make the best use of available resources and convert simple things into a useful products.


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